Magento Perfomance Optimization Services

If you suffer from slow performance of your store, we will relieve you of such a problem! We utilize most contemporary means of profiling and load testing to locate weak spots of your website. Having found such bottlenecks, we carry out a range of measures aimed at optimizing, among which are as follows:

  • Frontend optimization
  • Magento Layout optimization
  • Caching
  • Hosting Optimization
  • Optimization of 3rd-party extensions
  • Horizontal Scaling (clusters)
  • DBMS Query Optimization
  • Performance Monitoring (New Relic)
Amanda Horrified

Meet Amanda, the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of a business producing women's clothing. Amanda is very upset and dispirited. Why? Two weeks ago, they planned a huge sale on Black Friday, moreover the sale was announced on a talk show with an audience of 20 million people. Due to a dramatic number of visitors, the website was down for at least 7 hours. The company losses amounted to a rate of $170 000. Having analysed server’s logs, they found out the server stopped because of drastically increased Time To First Byte (TTFB) of Catalog’s Layered Navigation.

Amanda Happy

Now meet Amanda again, she is happy and joyful because we dealt with all her problems! Our team conducted Load Testing, found weak spots in Catalog’s performance and took measures for its optimizing. We fully made use of FullPageCaching, optimized Frontend and put the website on a cluster so now scaling takes place depending on current load (number of visitors). Regularly scheduled sale had a great success!


We possess deep comprehension of niceties of Magento early builds’s behavior. Unlike other companies we keep our word. We will reveal hidden capabilities of your website, and you will be astonished how agile it can be! Regardless of a number of active visitors! We will discover a new eCommerce world to you, and transform your idea of reality!