Mass Text Update by Template for Magento 2

Mass Text Update by Template for Magento 2
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The extension would be useful for those who cares about website SEO optimization, frequently edits product descriptions or simply needs to quickly mass update texts. Unlike the native Update Attributes mass action, the new Update Text action allows admins to update any text attribute by a specific template that uses values of any attributes as variables. Be it a simple change like:
{name} in {color} color
or a sophisticated template with text transformation like:
{name:capitalize} in {color:strip_tags} color
article: {sku:replace("tset", "test"):uppercase}


Once the extension has been installed, filter and select the to-be-updated products and click on the Actions menu Update Text. In the modal window featuring all the attributes of the text and textarea type, fill out the fields using template. Here's a simple example of a template with product variables:

{name} in {color} color
{description} Article: {sku}

Note that the {null} value can only be applied at a store view level. Use it to remove the value of the updatable attribute and set it to the default value (the one saved under All Store Views).

Examples with text transformation functions:
{attribute_code:function_name("parameter 1", "parameter 2")}
{name:capitalize} in {color:strip_tags} color
{url_key:replace("tset", "test")}-{color:trim("][\"*'&$#")}
{description:preg_replace("/(\w+) (\d+), (\d+)/i", "$1, $2 and $3")}

A hint! You can transform each attribute-variable multiple times by using colons to separate functions:
{sku:replace("tset", "test"):lowercase:trim("0"):capitalize}

Here is a complete list of functions with allowed parameters:
• capitalize makes each word start with a capital letter.
• uppercase, lowercase make capital and small letters accordingly.
• trim strips extra spaces from text, leaving only a single space between words and no space characters at the start or end of the text. You can instruct the parameter to trim only specific symbols, e.g. trim(" \t\n\r\0*&#?-")
• strip_tags removes all HTML tags. You can instruct the parameter to keep certain tags, e.g. strip_tags("<p><a><br>")
• replace("search_text", "replace_text") replaces characters specified by location in a given text string (case sensitive) with another text string.
• ireplace("Search_Text", "Replace_Text") does the same thing as above but the original text is case insensitive.
• preg_replace("pattern", "replacement") is used to perform a regular expression for search and replace the content. Those familiar with regular expressions can do amazing text replacements. You can get more info on the similar function in PHP here: preg_replace


  • Mass update any text attributes (text, textarea) using templates
  • Use product attribute values as template variables
  • Leverage text transformation functions to update variables
  • Available functions: capitalize, uppercase, lowercase, trim, strip_tags, replace, ireplace, preg_replace
  • Ability to apply multiple funtions to variables
  • Support for store views



Magento Open Source (CE) 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x
Magento Commerce (EE) 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x


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new feature bugfix
v.2.0.4 (Jul 26, 2023)
Minor code refactoring.
v.2.0.3 (Jun 19, 2022)
Added support for 2.4.4 and PHP 8.
v.2.0.2 (Oct 19, 2021)
Minor improvements.
v.2.0.1 (Sep 3, 2021)
Minor code refactoring.
v.2.0.0 (Aug 14, 2020)
Initial release.


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