Advanced Stock for Multi-Source Inventory

Advanced Stock for Multi-Source Inventory
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Starting from 2.3.0, Magento introduced the new functionality Inventory Management (originally, Multi Source Inventory (MSI)). The system added the ability to create multiple Stocks and Sources (Warehouses), to assign separate inventory to each product, to manage sales channels.

In our opinion, standard Inventory Management (MSI) has substantial limitations in terms of the ability of a Website to have a single Stock assigned. Obviously, most users would be reluctant to create multiply websites in these circumstances since doing so would negatively affect the size of the DB and overall performance. Another downside is the inability to set up conditions where the given product should be supplied from a single Source depending on which one has enough stock.

The extension rectifies this by untying Stock from Website in Inventory Management (MSI) and expanding the existing functionality. Now you can assign Store View to a single or multiple Stocks, specify applicable Customer Groups, and apply a full range of sales conditions including Shipping Country / State / Region / Postcode, Payment Method, Shipping Method, Total Weight/Qty/Price, and any Product Attribute Combination. A new Priority feature enables you to easily select the Stock to be applied first when conditions point to several entities that match.

As a matter of fact, we managed to replicate, to some extent, of course, the functionality of our bestseller for Magento 1.


The extension works on top of the native Magento Inventory Management and expands the functionality of Stocks. The newly added settings and features can be found here:
• Stores > Inventory > Stocks > Edit

The changes you'd notice:
• removed Sales Channels with a strict website assignment;
• added support for Store Views;
• as well as Customer Groups;
• added Priority (the lower the number the higher the priority) to determine the stock to be used for orders;
• added the new Conditions section to specify various combinations: Subtotal, Shipping Country / State / Region, Payment Method, Shipping Method, Total Weight / Qty / Price, and any Product Attribute Combination: Attribute Set, SKU, Category, etc.


  • Completely removes the Website restriction for Stock and replaces it with available store views
  • Supports a configuration where a single Store View is assigned several Stocks
  • Introduces Customer Groups as a new condition
  • Supports Sales conditions, i.e., Shipping Country / State / Postcode, Payment Method, Shipping Method, Total Weight/Qty/Price, and any Product Attribute Combination
  • Features Priority for cases when conditions include multiple Stocks
  • Allows single or multi-source orders
Should you need extra features for the extension to meet your business needs, let us know via support.



Magento Open Source (CE) 2.3.x, 2.4.x
Magento Commerce (EE) 2.3.x, 2.4.x


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new feature bugfix
v.2.1.3 (Jul 22, 2023)
Minor code refactoring.
v.2.1.2 (Aug 3, 2022)
Addressed an issue with upgrading the extension from earlier versions.
v.2.1.1 (Jul 29, 2022)
Minor code refactoring.
v.2.1.0 (May 29, 2022)
Added support for Magento 2.4.4 and PHP 8.1.
v.2.0.6 (Nov 30, 2021)
Minor changes.
v.2.0.5 (Jun 1, 2021)
Addressed an issue with editing stock conditions;
Addressed an issue with applying rules on storefront.
v.2.0.4 (Mar 29, 2021)
Addressed issues with Multi-Address Shipping.
v.2.0.3 (Apr 9, 2021)
Addressed issues with the customer group condition and orders created in the admin panel.
v.2.0.2 (Mar 29, 2021)
Improved support for Magento 2.4.x.
v.2.0.1 (Mar 6, 2021)
Added support for Magento 2.4.2;
Added support for creating orders from the admin.
v.2.0.0 (Feb 28, 2021)
Initial release.


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