Login as Customer for Magento 2

Login as Customer for Magento 2
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The extension introduces a simple and quick way for an admin user to instantly log into any customer’s storefront account right from his or her backend’s customer or order page. This is the most efficient solution to help a customer to finish a purchase or even replicate some issue the customer might have faced when browsing your website.


Magento shops try to keep distance from similar websites by making user experience unique. It's very laudable indeed. On the other hand, this may lead to a situation when a customer can’t get what he came for in the first place. Imaging a situation when a customer can’t make use of a coupon code he received from the store by email. The Safemage extension enables an admin user to fill the customer’s shoes to be able to assess the situation and promptly find a solution before the customer leaves the shop.

We all appreciate privacy, and so do customers who feel reluctant to share their account’s credentials with anyone. With this extension on board, you as a shop owner don’t have to make the customers feel uncomfortable and unsafe by asking them to supply a combination of their username and password. A single button in the backend lets you automatically enter the account page omitting the login page.


  • Provides admin user with a quick autorization from a respective Customer page
  • Provides admin user with a quick autorization from a respective Order page
  • Supports either a single store or multi-store Magento
  • Easy to install and use



Magento Open Source (CE) 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
Magento Commerce (EE) 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x


We provide comprehensive product support for all the Magento extensions available on this site starting from the moment of your purchasing them. If you need help on the extensions installation or on any issues relating to our products, our dedicated team of proven technical experts is at your service, ready to assist you at any time.


new feature bugfix
v.2.0.2 (Dec 26, 2019)
Added support for Magento 2.3.3.
v.2.0.1 (Oct 26, 2017)
Added compatibility with Magento Open Source (CE) 2.2.x.
v.2.0.0 (Oct 3, 2017)
Initial release.


    5 stars
    Have bought and installed this extension on our Enterprise Magento. It is strange that this feature is not included into EE by default. We will follow all your updates :-)
    by joannah m April 29, 2018
    Amazing support
    Extension works as expected. At the beginning I didn't completely understand installation instructions but support answered quickly and helped me. Thank you guys!
    Wanted to ask: does your extension support multi-store Magento configuration?
    by Sweet007 April 19, 2018
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