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Shippo Full Integration
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The only solution for Magento 1 that displays Shippo rates at checkout and sends order shipments from Magento to Shippo.


Shippo is an aggregator of a wide range of shipping carriers that provides discounted shipping labels and live rates, the ability to track parcels. Go check to get more information.
Among supported carriers, you can find DHL, FedEx, UPS, GLS, Australia Post, Canada Post, Lasership, Mondial Relay, Newgistics, OnTrac, Purolator.

Pricing terms provided by Shippo

Shippo’s prominent features

Developer documentation

To start working with Shippo is quite easy. Just register an account at

How it works

You get a complete integration of your Magento shop with your Shippo account; Shippo rates displayed at checkout; the ability to send shipments from a Magento instance to Shippo.
Below are few important steps to follow to make sure the module is properly configured:

Step 1: Go to System>Configuration>Sales>Shipping Methods>Shippo and specify these:
• Sender address
• Private Auth Token from https://app.goshippo.com/api
• A list of countries available for shipping

Step 2: ‘Weight’ and ‘Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) are the required attributes for products you’d like to deliver via Shippo.

The steps above are necessary to complete. Otherwise, Shippo rates wouldn’t display at checkout so you wouldn’t be able to make use of Shippo for delivery.


‘Weight’ and ‘Dimensions’ support pounds / kilograms
and inches / centimeters respectively

To add extra fee for shipping, fill out ‘Shipping & Handling‘ under:
• System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods > Shippo


  • Dimensions calculation for parcels
  • Weight calculation for parcels
  • Automatically updates Shippo rates at checkout
  • Shippo rates are displayed in orders
  • Surcharge for Shipping cost
  • Sends Shipment from Magento to Shippo by clicking on "Submit Shipment"
A new section available:
• System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods > Shippo

A new product attribute available:
• ‘Dimensions’ (Length x Width x Height)


System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods > Shippo Catalog > Manage Products > Your Product Checkout > Shipping Method Sales > Orders > Your Order > Submit Shipment goshippo.com > Shipments


Magento CE 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x
Magento EE 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.x, 1.13.x, 1.14.x


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new feature bugfix
v.1.0.7 (Nov 25, 2017)
Added support for the Magento default setting that makes zip codes optional during checkout.
v.1.0.6 (Nov 9, 2017)
Addressed an issue with shipment submitting.
v.1.0.5 (Sep 23, 2017)
Added error messages at checkout.
v.1.0.4 (July 17, 2017)
Upgraded according to the new Shippo API v.1.3.2.
v.1.0.0 (Aug 2, 2016)
Initial release.


    Everything works fine
    Couldn't get product attribute «Dimennsions» show up after installation of the extension. It just had something to do with Magento cache. The extension works great now.
    by Max November 2, 2016
    The extension is convenient and easy to use. The extension didn’t work after installation until I realized I forgot to fill out the 'From Address' field. Silly me! :)
    by Dick October 28, 2016
    I like it
    Automatic calculating of packing size of multi-product shipment is a great thing indeed. The final size is really minimal, which sometimes could let us lower delivery costs.
    by Brad October 20, 2016
    extension is ok
    The extension is ok. A poor thing is Shippo cut out the ability to Send Shipment (Shippo_Transaction::create) without specifying real payment data - great feature for debugging reasons.
    by rsolutions September 22, 2016
    Very good
    Right what one needs for Dimensional Shipping! There were some nuances with FedEx, but turned out they were caused on FedEx part.
    by Alan September 12, 2016
    A nice thing about it is the ability to select package’s dimension units of measurement - cm/inch, and weight units of measurement - kg/pound.
    by mask August 24, 2016
    Very Nice!
    Thanks to the Extension!
    by BlueSky57 June 2, 2016
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